Salad Bar

High School and Middle School Breakfast Prices
Water .50
Juice .50
Milk .45
Bottled Juice 1.50
Juice cup .45
Fruit cup .60
Fresh fruit .60
Yogurt .60
v8 Smoothie 2.00
Parfaits 2.00
Fruit Smoothie 2.00

Pop tarts

pop chips scooby snacks

granola bars


ctream cheese filled bagels

goldfish snacks


Meat/Cheese Sticks .75
Burritos 2.00
Breakfast Sandwich w/Egg 2.00
Breakfast Sandwich 1.75
Chicken & Waffles 3.00
Breakfast Bag 2.00

Student Breakfast $2.00 $2.00 $2.00
Student Lunch $2.00 $2.50 $2.50
Adult Guest Lunch $3.25 $3.25 $3.25
Child Guest Lunch $2.00 $2.50 $2.50
Student Guest Lunch   $2.50 $2.50
Seconds   $0.50 $0.50
Snack Milk (K-2) $0.45    
Juice   $0.50 $0.50
Water   $0.50 $0.50
Milk $0.45 $0.45 $0.45

Children need healthy meals to learn. Columbus School District offers healthy meals every school day. Your children may qualify for free meals of for reduced price meals.

Download free and reduced packet here.

Watch here for new menu items, Montana Harvest of the Month, and cafeteria pictures.

Yougurt Parfait

If you have any questions please to call Sarah:322-5373 ext.136.


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